Acme things of life

First, we took out over 400 unnecessary pounds. This makes the Ultralight “EZE-TOW” the lightest dolly on the market today allowing for easy maneuverability. Just 380 pounds. Be assured, we would never compromise function for form.

The front block will need to be partially cut away to allow access for grinding to take place on the threaded rod material. I chose to perform this step on my table saw with a fence and the blade tipped to 45 degrees. I'm sure other methods would be equally as effective. This image was staged after the project was completed just so I had a picture to include for this article. It is probably a good idea to perform this operation with the set screws removed if you are going to use a power tool.

Acme Things Of LifeAcme Things Of LifeAcme Things Of LifeAcme Things Of Life